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Pre-Submission: e-Invoice Submission Requirements via MyInvois Portal & API

Updated: Aug 7, 2023

Adopting e-Invoicing in Malaysia requires taxpayers to fulfil specific pre-submission requirements and preparations based on the transmission model they opt for via MyInvois Portal or API integration.

While both models necessitate Digital Certificates and TIN verification, the Portal allows manual creation suitable for low invoice volumes. In contrast, the API route demands greater technical readiness for the automated generation of high volumes.

To ensure a smooth transition, businesses should proactively complete registrations, understand certificate validity periods, assess system capabilities, and conduct testing before go-live. The pre-submission prerequisites aim to facilitate taxpayer validation, data security and integrity in e-Invoice transmission.

With adequate planning and adoption of appropriate models based on invoice profiles and technical expertise, taxpayers can comply with the e-Invoicing obligations.

So in conclusion, Malaysia aims to streamline pre-submission steps but businesses need to plan ahead based on their invoice volumes and system capabilities.

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