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MyInvois Made Easy: Step-by-Step e-Invoicing on the Portal

Updated: Aug 7, 2023

The MyInvois Portal is a user-friendly web application developed by the Inland Revenue Board of Malaysia (IRBM) that serves as an e-invoicing platform for taxpayers.

It provides a simplified way for businesses, especially micro, small and medium enterprises (MSMEs), to manage the e-invoicing process manually through an intuitive online interface.

The Portal contains all the functionalities required for taxpayers to generate, submit, view, reject or cancel e-invoices in accordance with IRBM's rules and requirements.

It also enables taxpayers to view and search their e-invoice records.

The MyInvois Portal aims to facilitate taxpayer compliance with e-invoicing obligations, particularly those without advanced technical capabilities or lower invoice volumes that may not require automated API integration.

Key features include digital certificate integration, bulk upload capabilities, in-portal validations, notifications, rejection/cancellation workflows, and reporting.

By leveraging the MyInvois Portal, taxpayers can comply with e-invoicing in a streamlined manner.

In summary, the MyInvois Portal provides a simplified way for taxpayers, especially MSMEs, to manage the e-Invoicing process manually through a user-friendly web interface.

Key steps include obtaining the digital certificate, TIN verification, invoice creation and submission, validation by IRBM, notifications, sharing with the buyer, the ability to reject/cancel within a timeframe, and automatic storage.

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Niki Tan
Niki Tan
Aug 23, 2023

may i consult who should be the one who post the invoice to E-invoice? Business administration or Account Receivable? because in our company Business administration is the one who issued the invoice and send to client.

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