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Staff Handbook - Communications, Email, and Internet Policy

Updated: Dec 18, 2022

This Communications, Email and Internet Policy defines what the company considers to be an acceptable use of its communications facilities, with particular attention paid to the use of email, telephones, and the internet.

Specifically, the policy outlines what the company considers to be an acceptable use of its communications facilities.

Within the framework of the policy is the provision for a choice between completely prohibiting personal use of company email and internet capabilities or permitting restricted and responsible use within the parameters of the policy.

According to the policy, employees are strongly encouraged to use the company's communications facilities, such as email and the internet, as a quick and dependable mode of contact that offers considerable benefits for the company.

However, the policy also cautions employees of the dangers that the misuse of communications might bring, exposing both the employees and the company to potential legal and commercial consequences as well as criminal offences.

This Communications, Email, and Internet Policy also includes a section dealing with social media sites like Facebook and Twitter.

This section gives the employer the option to either ban the use of social media sites entirely, allow limited personal use, or allow only the use of social media sites for business purposes.

In addition, the policy is intended to serve as a gentle reminder to employees of the obligations they have to their company, as well as to provide rules for any blog or online posting that might reveal the author to be an employee of the company.






这项通信、电子邮件和互联网政策还包括一个涉及 Facebook 和 Twitter 等社交媒体网站的部分。