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The Structure of ISQM 1 and the Components

Updated: Jan 5, 2023

ISQC 1 includes six elements for which the firm needs to design policies and procedures.

ISQM 1 has eight components.

The components in ISQM 1 are aligned with the elements in ISQC 1 and include two new components:

  • The firm’s risk assessment process; and

  • Information and communication.

ISQC 1 包括六个要素,事务所需要为其设计政策和程序。

ISQM 1 有八个组成部分。ISQM 1 的组成部分与 ISQC 1 的要素相一致,并包括两个新的组成部分

  • 事务所的风险评估过程;和

  • 信息和沟通。

ISQM 1 comprises of:

  • Eight interrelated components deal with the key aspects of the system of quality management (SOQM); and

  • Other requirements that address specific topics.

The firm is required to meet all of the requirements within ISQM 1, including the requirements in the components.

The firm is not required to organise its SOQM according to the eight components and may choose to use different terminology or frameworks to describe the components of the SOQM.

ISQM 1 包括以下组成部分:

  • 八个相互关联的组成部分,涉及 SOQM 的关键方面;以及

  • 其他特定主题的要求。

事务所需要满足 ISQM 1 中的所有要求,包括各组成部分的要求。

然而事务所不需要按照这八个组成部分来组织他们的 SOQM,他们可以选择使用不同的术语或框架来描述 SOQM 的组成部分。

An overview of the eight components in ISQM 1

The firm’s risk assessment process: A process established by the firm as part of the SOQM

  • The process the firm is required to follow in implementing the risk-based approach to quality management.

  • Consists of establishing quality objectives, identifying and assessing quality risks to achieve the quality objectives and designing and implementing responses to address the assessed quality risks.

事务所的风险评估过程:作为 SOQM 的一部分,事务所建立的一个过程

  • 事务所在实施基于风险的质量管理方法时需要遵循的过程。

  • 包括建立质量目标,识别和评估实现质量目标的质量风险,设计和实施应对评估的质量风险的措施。

Governance and leadership: Establishes the environment in which the SOQM operates

  • Deals with matters such as the firm’s culture, leadership responsibility and accountability, the firm’s organisational structure, assignment of roles and responsibilities and resource planning and allocation.

治理和领导:确立了 SOQM 的运作环境

  • 处理诸如事务所文化、领导责任和问责制、事务所的组织结构、角色和责任的分配以及资源规划和分配等问题。

Relevant ethical requirements: Specific topic fundamental for engagement performance

  • Deals with fulfilling relevant ethical requirements by the firm and its personnel.

  • Also deals with relevant ethical requirements to the extent that they apply to others external to the firm.


  • 处理事务所及其人员履行相关道德要求的问题。

  • 也涉及到适用于事务所外部其他人的相关道德要求。

Acceptance and continuance of client relationships and specific engagements: Specific topic fundamental for engagement performance

  • Deals with the firm’s judgments about whether to accept or continue a client relationship or specific engagement.


  • 涉及事务所对是否接受或继续客户关系或特定业务的判断。

Engagement performance: Specific topics fundamental for engagement performance

  • Deals with the firm’s actions to promote and support the consistent performance of quality engagements, including through direction, supervision and review, consultation and differences of opinion.

  • Includes how the firm supports engagement teams in exercising professional judgment and, when applicable to the nature and circumstances of the engagement, exercising professional scepticism.


  • 涉及事务所为促进和支持高质量业务的持续执行而采取的行动,包括通过指导、监督和审查、咨询和意见分歧。

  • 包括事务所如何支持业务团队行使专业判断,并在适用于业务的性质和情况下,行使专业怀疑。

Resources: Enables operation of other components

  • Deals with obtaining, developing, using, maintaining, allocating and assigning resources promptly to enable the design, implementation and operation of the SOQM.

  • Includes technological, intellectual and human resources, and addresses service providers.


  • 涉及到及时获得、开发、使用、维护、分配和分派资源,以实现 SOQM 的设计、实施和运行。

  • 包括技术、智力和人力资源,并涉及服务供应商。

Information and communication: Enables operation of other components

  • Deals with obtaining, generating or using information regarding the SOQM and communicating information within the firm and to external parties on a timely basis to enable the design, implementation and operation of the SOQM.


  • 处理获取、生成或使用有关 SOQM 的信息,并在事务所内部和外部及时沟通信息,以实现 SOQM 的设计、实施和运行。

Monitoring and remediation process: A process established by the firm as part of the SOQM

  • The process that:

    • Provides the firm with relevant, reliable and timely information about the design, implementation and operation of the SOQM; and

    • Addresses taking appropriate actions to respond to deficiencies such that deficiencies are remediated on a timely basis.

监测和补救过程:作为 SOQM 的一部分,由事务所建立的一个过程

  • 该过程:

    • 为事务所提供有关 SOQM 的设计、实施和运作的相关、可靠和及时的信息;以及

    • 解决采取适当的行动来应对缺陷,使缺陷得到及时补救。

As described above, the firm’s risk assessment and monitoring and remediation process set out specific processes the firm must follow.

The remaining components comprise quality objectives the firm must establish that form the basis for identifying and assessing quality risks and designing and implementing responses.

The other requirements in ISQM 1 that address specific topics in addition to the eight components deal with:

  • Assigning responsibilities related to the SOQM;

  • Specified responses that the firm is required to design and implement;

  • Circumstances when the firm belongs to a network and uses network requirements or network services in its SOQM;

  • The annual evaluation of the SOQM by leadership and leadership’s performance evaluations; and

  • Documentation.



ISQM 1 中的其他要求,除了八个组成部分外,还涉及到具体的主题:

  • 分配与 SOQM 有关的责任。

  • 要求事务所设计和实施的特定反应。

  • 当事务所属于一个网络并在其 SOQM 中使用网络要求或网络服务时的情况。

  • 领导层对 SOQM 的年度评估和领导层的绩效评估;以及

  • 文件。

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