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Protecting the Rights of Probationary Employees: Lessons from a Landmark Case in Malaysia

Updated: Mar 12

While probationary employees have fewer rights than permanent employees, they still have certain legal protections. For example, probationary employees are entitled to:

  1. Fair treatment: Probationary employees must be treated fairly and not discriminated against based on race, religion, gender, age, or disability.

  2. Clear communication: Employers must provide a clear communication regarding the expectations and standards of performance for the probationary period.

  3. Notice of termination: Employers must give notice of termination following the employment contract or minimum notice period required by law [Pease see 4. below].

  4. Termination with just cause: Employers must have a valid reason for terminating a probationary employee, and the reason must not be discriminatory or in violation of any other laws.