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Excise (Exemption From Licensing) (Amendment) Order 2022

Updated: Oct 3, 2022

What is the Excise Duty?

A tax imposed on certain goods imported into or manufactured in Malaysia.

What Goods are subject to Excise Duty?
  • Liquor.

  • Cigarettes, tobacco and tobacco products.

  • Motor Vehicles.

  • Playing cards (Playing Cards).

  • Mahjong tiles.

  • ​​​Manufacturing of which goods requires an excise license?

    • Alcohol / Liquor / Todi

    • Tobacco / Cigarette

    • Vehicle / Playing Cards / Mahjong Tiles

  • How do I apply for a license to manufacture and warehouse goods?

    • Submit an application letter with 2 copies of form JKED No.1 and supporting documents to the nearest customs office.

  • How to be certain that cigarettes sold are not contraband

    • Imported Cigarettes have a tax label affixed to the box

    • Locally manufactured cigarettes have a security ink mark printed (diamond) on the box

  • ​​How can I make sure the liquor bought is not contraband?

    • Imported liquor / locally manufactured liquor has tax label affixed to bottles / cans / containers

    • Locally manufactured beer/stout has a security ink mark printed on the bottle/can/container

Excise (Exemption from Licensing) (Amendment) Order 2022

On September 9, 2022, in the exercise of the powers conferred by:

  • subsection 20(2) of the Excise Act 1976 [Act 176], the Minister gazetted the Excise (Exemption from Licensing) (Amendment) Order 2022.

To download:-

168.1 Excise (Exemption From Licensing) (Amendment) Order 2022 [P.U.(A) 289_2022]
Download PDF • 595KB

You are strongly encouraged to read the Order to obtain all the relevant information.

168.3 Excise (Exemption From Licensing) Order 2019 [P.U.(A) 155_2019]
Download PDF • 558KB

168.4 Customs Duties Order 2022 [P.U.(A) 114_2022]
Download PDF • 26.14MB

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