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E-Invoicing FAQ: Addressing the Specific Nature of Transactions in e-Invoicing with Multiple MSIC Codes


What if a company initially registered with a single MSIC Code, specifically for flour packaging, but later diversified into cake production – how should this be addressed in the E-Invoice?


The e-Invoicing Guide (version 2.1) issued by the Malaysian Inland Revenue Board (IRBM) does not explicitly address the situation where a company has multiple lines of business and different Malaysian Standard Industrial Classification (MSIC) codes in the extract provided. 

However, the guide does emphasise the importance of accurate transaction documentation and record keeping.

In general, when a company operates multiple lines of business, each with its own MSIC code, the following factors may need to be considered:

1. Specific nature of the transaction: The MSIC code used should match the specific nature of the transaction being invoiced. If the e-invoice is for a specific line of business, the MSIC code for that line of business should be used.

2. Principal Business Activity: If a major business activity accounts for the majority of a company's revenue, the MSIC code for that major activity may be used for consolidated or general invoicing.

3. Separate invoices for each line of business: A company may choose to issue separate electronic invoices for each line of business and use the respective MSIC code for each line of business. This helps in maintaining a clear record of the different revenue streams.

4. Guidance from IRBM: For specific guidance on which MSIC code to use in the system when a company has multiple nature of business, it is recommended to wait for the upcoming Software Development Kit from the Inland Revenue Board. They may provide instructions on handling electronic invoices for companies with different business activities.

Given the importance of accurate e-invoices for tax reporting and compliance, ensuring that the MSIC codes used in the e-invoicing system accurately reflect the business activity associated with the invoice transaction is critical.

问: E-Invoice 里需要填写 MSIC Code, 那么如果公司当初登记时只是一个 Code,就是生产包装面粉, 可是生产鸡蛋糕是另一个 MSIC Code,那么怎办? 答: 马来西亚税收局发布的《电子发票指南》(2.1 版)在提供的摘录中,并未明确涉及一家公司拥有多个业务范围和不同马来西亚标准行业分类(MSIC)代码的情况。


一般来说,当一家公司经营多条业务线,且每条业务线都有自己的 MSIC 代码时,可能需要考虑以下因素:

1. 特定交易性质: 使用的 MSIC 代码应与开具发票的具体交易性质相符。如果电子发票针对的是某一特定业务范围,则应使用该业务范围的 MSIC 代码。

2. 主要业务活动: 如果某项主要业务活动占公司收入的大部分,则可使用该主要活动的 MSIC 代码进行合并或一般发票开具。

3. 各业务线的单独发票: 公司可选择为每项业务开具单独的电子发票,并为每项业务使用各自的 MSIC 代码。这有助于保持不同收入流的清晰记录。

4. IRBM提供的指南: 关于公司有多种业务性质时在系统中使用哪个 MSIC 代码的具体指南,建议等待内陆税收局即将推出的 Software Development Kit 。他们可能会就如何处理具有不同业务活动的公司的电子发票提供说明。

鉴于准确的电子发票对报税和合规的重要性,确保电子发票系统中使用的 MSIC 代码准确反映与发票交易相关的业务活动至关重要。

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