3 - Who Must Comply with the Unclaimed Moneys Act 1965

Updated: May 6

Unclaimed Money Act 1965 - Who Must Comply - PDF

186. Unclaimed Money Act 1965 - Who Must Comply
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1. 据报道,2019年,马来西亚人没有认领的钱超过87.5亿令吉,这是一笔不小的数目!但这并不意味着这些钱不存在。

2. 1965年无人认领款项法令非常明确地规定,以下实体必须遵守:

👉 根据1965年公司法令和2016年新公司法令成立的公司,也包括外国公司

👉 任何为管理雇员公积金、养老金计划或任何其他与退休福利有关的基金而设立的委员会

👉 根据任何与社团或合作社有关的成文法注册的所有社团和合作社

👉 所有企业、公共机构和工会

👉 所有为开展业务而联合起来的非法人团体,例如:合伙企业

👉 也包括有限责任合伙公司 (LLP)


1. According to reports, the amount of money that Malaysians did not claim in 2019 was over RM8.75 billion, which is a significant sum of money!

2. The Unclaimed Money Act 1965 makes it very clear that the following entities must comply:

👉 Companies, including foreign companies incorporated under the Companies Act 1965, and the new Companies Act 2016

👉 Any Board established to manage employees provident fund superannuation schemes or any other fund relating to retirement benefits

👉 All societies and co-operative societies registered under any written law relating to societies or to co-operative societies

👉 All corporations, public authorities, and trade unions

👉 All unincorporated bodies of a person(s) associated together for the purpose of carrying on business

👉 Limited Liability Partnership (LLP) as well


#UnclaimedMoney / #无人认领的款项系列

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3. Who Must Comply? [谁需要遵循?]


4. Duty and Responsibility of the Company/Firm [公司/企业的义务和责任]


5. Unclaimed Money Register



6. Offences and Penalties

[无人认领款项 – 违法行为和刑罚]


7. How to Check for Unclaimed Money Online




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