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Vivian Lim

Group Human Resource & Finance | Director

Vivian is an exceptional HR and Finance Director who has been the backbone of CCS & Co. from the very beginning. She has played a vital role in ensuring that our firm is organised and effectively manages our team and clients' needs. With Vivian by your side, you can be confident that your interests are in capable and trustworthy hands.

With over 17 years of professional experience with CCS, Vivian has established herself as a seasoned accounting, taxation, GST, and SST expert. As the leader of Client Relationship Management, Vivian has been instrumental in improving our firm's client satisfaction levels. She has also led several projects to enhance our clients' experiences and engagement with our firm.

Moreover, Vivian is a respected leader in the Personal Tax Division of our Firm, where she manages a broad portfolio of clients across various industries. Her profound knowledge and expertise in taxation make her a valuable asset to our clients.

Her expertise in event planning has enabled us to deliver high-quality seminars that provide value-added insights to our clients.

In addition to her impressive skill set, Vivian is proficient in HR and the Employment Act, providing invaluable assistance to SME business owners and individuals facing employment disputes. Her in-depth understanding of the Employment Act and HR practices has enabled her to provide sound advice to our clients, resulting in resolving disputes and the smooth running of business operations.

Furthermore, Vivian is highly skilled in payroll software, ensuring that our clients' payroll needs are met precisely and accurately. Her expertise in using the latest payroll software has enabled us to deliver efficient and reliable payroll services to our clients, streamlining their payroll processing and reducing errors.

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