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Real Estate Investment Trusts Property Trust Funds, Business Trusts– Return for the Y/A 2022

Updated: May 4, 2022

Filing Programme for Year 2022 - Real Estate Investment Trusts Property Trust Funds, Business Trusts - PDF

. Filing Programme for Year 2022 - Real Estate Investment Trusts_Property Trust Funds, B

1. The IRB has released the Filing Program for the year 2022. According to the filing programme, the statutory filing and tax payment due dates, as well as the grace period and manner of submission for the various return forms, are all specified.

2. It is available on the IRB's website at (Forms > Filing Programme for the Year 2022).

3. The statutory income tax filing deadlines for Real Estate Investment Trusts / Property Trust Funds, Business Trusts:-

👉 Within 7 months from the date following the close of the accounting period which constitutes the basis period for the year of assessment

👉 e-filing is not applicable

4. The Inland Revenue Board also has good news for taxpayers with regard to the grace period:-

👉 3 more working days if filing by post

5. To download ✍️


1. 内陆税收局已经发布了2022年的申报安排。 根据该申报安排,法定申报 [Statutory Filing] 和缴税日期 [Tax Payment Due Dates],以及各种申报表格的宽限期 [Grace Period] 和提交方式 [Manner of Submission] 都有明确规定。

2. 此项发布可以在内陆税收局 (IRB) 的网站上找到 (Forms > Filing Programme for the Year 2022)。

3. 房地产投资信托基金/财产信托基金,商业信托基金的法定所得税申报截止日期为:-

👉 评估年度基础期的会计期间结束后的7个月内

👉 不接受网上提交

4. 内陆税收局也为纳税人捎来好消息,宽限期方面:

👉 如果是通过邮寄的话,多3个工作日

5. 下载 ✍️


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