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The Roadmap to a Career in Transfer Pricing: Key Courses and Specialisations

Updated: Feb 23

Transfer pricing refers to setting prices for goods or services traded between related companies or entities within the same corporate group. In the tax context, transfer pricing can shift profits from one tax jurisdiction to another to minimise taxes owed.

This can involve setting prices for transactions between companies in different countries, which are often set to maximise profits in low-tax jurisdictions.

As such, transfer pricing has become an important issue for tax authorities worldwide as they seek to ensure that companies pay their fair share of taxes in their jurisdictions.

As a fresh graduate, you could start your career as an associate or analyst in the transfer pricing industry. These entry-level roles typically involve supporting senior team members in research, data analysis, and report preparation.

Over time, you may have the opportunity to take on more responsibility, including client management and project management.