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The 4th and 5th Guidebooks of the Public Listed Companies Transformation Programme by Bursa

On 5th December 2021, Bursa Malaysia Berhad released the 4th and 5th Guidebooks for its Public Listed Companies Transformation (PLCT) Programme.

The PLCT Programme, which Bursa Malaysia officially launched on 2nd March 2022, is a voluntary initiative that enables all public listed companies (PLCs) in Malaysia to participate, regardless of their size, industry or shareholding.

The programme's primary objective is to enhance Corporate Malaysia's stature and increase the appeal of investing in PLCs through improvements in various areas, including the financial position, corporate governance, and sustainability of PLCs.

The PLCT Programme features five digital guidebooks that provide best practices, guidance, benchmarks, and case studies to help PLCs drive their transformation in the areas covered by each guidebook.

The 4th Guidebook

The 4th Guidebook, titled "Being Digitally Enabled," highlights the opportunities, benefits and imperatives for companies to adopt Digital Enablement, ultimately leading to notable improvements in overall performance and instability.