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Taxation of Partnerships - Capital Allowance

Since a partnership is not a legal person it cannot own fixed assets. These, therefore, belong jointly to the individual partners.

Those who own the plant or machinery and use it in the course of their trade, business, or profession are the ones who are generally eligible for the capital allowances. Nevertheless, a notable exemption is provided for beneficial ownership in Director General of Inland Revenue v Teo Tuan Kwee(1998) MSTC 3,648.


那些本身拥有工厂或机器并在其贸易、业务或专业过程中使用的人,通常有资格获得资本津贴。然而,在马来西亚内陆税收局 诉Teo Tuan Kwee(1998)MSTC 3,648 一案中,对实际所有权 [Beneficial Ownership] 提供了明显的豁免。

Director General of Inland Revenue v Teo Tuan Kwee
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