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Special Voluntary Disclosure Programme 2.0: Something that You Must Know

Updated: Jun 8, 2023

Media Release

By Ministry of Finance

Implementation of Voluntary Disclosure Program starting June 6, 2023

In line with the announcement made in Budget 2023, the Government will reintroduce the Voluntary Disclosure Program (VDP) as one of the initiatives to expand the number of taxpayers, enhance tax compliance, and increase national revenue.

The VDP provides an opportunity for the public to voluntarily settle their outstanding taxes without any penalties or at a zero percent rate. It will be implemented by the Royal Malaysian Customs Department (JKDM) and the Inland Revenue Board of Malaysia (LHDNM) from June 6, 2023, to May 31, 2024.

Further details and comprehensive information regarding the implementation of the VDP can be found on the official websites of JKDM and LHDNM.

Media Statement

By the Inland Revenue Board of Malaysia

Special Voluntary Disclosure Programme 2.0

The Inland Revenue Board of Malaysia (HASiL) announced that voluntary disclosures through the Special Voluntary Disclosure Program (SVDP) 2.0 can be made from June 6, 2023, until May 31, 2024.

SVDP 2.0 is an initiative by HASiL to support sustainability in national tax administration in line with the concept of Malaysia Madani.

This program offers an opportunity for both new and existing taxpayers to improve their tax compliance based on the A.E.S. (Awareness, Education, Services) concept practiced at HASiL.

SVDP 2.0 provides taxpayers with the opportunity to voluntarily report their income and tax computations accurately and in accordance with the prevailing regulations of HASiL while encouraging timely tax payments.

This program is available to all categories of taxpayers (except for employers) and offers a penalty rate of 0 percent.

Voluntary disclosures can be made through the following methods:

a. For new taxpayers:

  • Income Tax Return Form (BNCP) / Real Property Gains Tax Form (BNCKHT) should be submitted within the SVDP 2.0 period either through e-Filing / e-CKHT or manually.

b. For existing taxpayers:

i. BNCP / BNCKHT Not submitted:

  • BNCP / BNCKHT should be submitted within the SVDP 2.0 period either through e-Filing / e-CKHT or manually.

ii. Having submitted BNCP but unreported income exists:

  • Taxpayers are required to submit voluntary disclosure within the SVDP 2.0 implementation period, through the SVDP 2.0 Link on the IRBM Official Portal / MyTax by using the SVDP 2.0 Additional Income Reporting Form and attach the tax computation.

  • The tax computations are only required to be submitted by taxpayers under the companies, businesses and partnerships file category

c. For voluntary disclosures involving transfer pricing issues

The Voluntary Disclosure Return Form for Transfer Pricing Cases can be downloaded from the official HASiL portal.

The completed form along with attachments should be submitted to the relevant HASiL office handling the taxpayer's file or to the nearest HASiL office.

d. For stamp duty taxpayers

Documents/agreements should be submitted through the Stamp Assessment and Payment System (STAMPS) for the endorsement process.

HASiL will accept voluntary disclosure of information made during the SVDP 2.0 period in good faith.

Further review, either tax audit or investigation will not be conducted for the assessment years related to the voluntarily disclosed income.

Taxpayers can refer to Operational Guideline Number 2 of 2023 titled "Special Voluntary Disclosure Program 2.0" and access frequently asked questions through the following links:

a. Malay language:

b. English language:

For any inquiries or feedback, please contact us through:

a) Hasil Care Line at 03-8911 1000 / 603-8911 1100 (International);

b) HASiL Live Chat; and

c) Feedback Form on the official HASiL portal at the following link:

HASiL would like to express gratitude to the citizens who fulfill their tax obligations and hopes that they will continue to carry out this responsibility to prosper Malaysia Madani.


1. MOF: Media Release

141.1 Siaran Media - Pelaksanaan Program Pengakuan Sukarela 20230602
Download PDF • 45KB

2. IRBM: Media Statement

141.2 Kenyataan Media HASiL 02 Jun 2023 - PROGRAM KHAS PENGAKUAN SUKARELA (PKPS) 2.0
Download PDF • 337KB

3. Operational Guideline Number 2/2023 - Special Voluntary Disclosure Program 2.0

141.3 Operational Guidelines No 2_2023 - Special Voluntary Disclosure Programme 2.0 (EN)
Download P • 461KB

4. Frequently Asked Questions

141.4 FAQ - Special Voluntary Disclosure Programme 2.0 (EN)
Download PDF • 211KB


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