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Public Listed Companies Transformation (PLCT) Programme

The Public Listed Companies Transformation (PLCT) Programme was introduced to raise the performance levels of Corporate Malaysia.

Bursa Malaysia is leading the initiative to enhance the "investability" of listed companies in Malaysia by improving the growth stories of public listed companies (PLCs) of all sizes.

The Honourable Finance Minister announced the launch of this programme in March 2022, and it is expected to run until 2025.

The programme seeks to improve various aspects of PLCs, including their financial position, Board composition, governance, and sustainability practices.

All PLCs can benefit from this programme regardless of their size or industry sector. The PLCT Programme is intended to provide Public Listed Companies (PLCs) access to best practices and guidance to facilitate better engagement with investors and drive desired outcomes.

The programme adopts a multifaceted approach involving information sharing through digital guidebooks, active engagement, and transparent communication.