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Partnerships In Malaysia - Theory

Updated: Dec 17, 2022


An agreement between two (2) persons but not exceed twenty (20) persons to carry on a business in order to make a profit.



Unique features
  • Quick and painless registration procedures

  • The business made no tax payments.

  • Less formal business obligations

  • Simple procedure for winding up

  • The cost of compliance is lower each year

  • 注册步骤快速和方便

  • 企业本身不需要自行缴税

  • 正式的商业义务较少

  • 清盘程序简单

  • 每年的合规成本低

  • Can raise more capital

  • More skills & knowledge

  • Share the work amongst partners

  • 可以筹集更多的资金

  • 更多的技能和知识

  • 合伙人之间可以相互分担职责

  • Profits must now be shared

  • A partnership is not a Separate Legal Entity, so partners have the risk of being sued

  • Disagreements can occur, they are not permitted to kick anyone out of the business unless the authority to do so was established in a legally binding document at the time the business was established [Partnership Agreement]

  • Partners are unable to act on their own.

  • Each partner is responsible for disclosing, within their own individual tax return, the amount of profit they personally received from the business.

  • 需要与合伙人分享利润

  • 合伙企业不是一个独立的法律实体,因此合伙人会有着被告的风险

  • 分歧可能发生,他们不允许将任何人踢出合伙企业,除非在合伙企业成立时,在具有法律约束力的文件中规定了这样做的权力 [即:合伙协议,英文 - Partnership Agreement]

  • 合伙人本身不能独立行事

  • 每个合伙人都有责任在自己的个人所得税报表内披露他们个人从合伙企业获得的利润数额

In the absence of a Partnership Agreement

According to the Partnership Act 1961, in the absence of a partnership agreement:

  • All partners contribute equal capital

  • Profits or losses will be shared equally

  • Partners are not entitled salaries

  • Partners are not entitled, before the ascertainment of profits, to interest on the capital subscribed by him

  • No change may be made in the nature of the partnership business without the consent of all existing partners

  • No majority of the partners can expel any partner

  • Partners are entitled to 8% interest on a loan they make to the partnership



  • 所有合伙人贡献同等的资本

  • 利润或亏损将被平分

  • 合伙人无权获得薪金

  • 在确定利润之前,合伙人无权获得他所认购的资本的利息

  • 未经所有现有合伙人的同意,不得改变合伙业务的性质

  • 绝大多数的合伙人不能开除任何其他合伙人

  • 合伙人有权就其向合伙企业提供的贷款收取8%的利息

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