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MOF – TERAS 2.0 for the Application and Renewal of Tax Agent Licence

Updated: Jan 30, 2023

In order to facilitate the application for and renewal of income tax agent licences, the MyCukai Single Sign On (SSO) has been upgraded to the TERAS 2.0 ("Treasury Authentication System 2.0") authentication system.

In order to continue with the process of renewing their income tax agent licences, users of MyCukai are needed to first register and activate their MyCukai accounts in accordance with the TERAS 2.0.

After the account has been registered in TERAS 2.0, users of MyCukai will receive an email from the TERAS MOF Administrator asking them to activate the account.

In the event that a MyCukai user did not receive an activation email from the TERAS MOF Administrator, that MyCukai user can send an email to to request the activation link by providing his or her full name and National Registration Identity Card (NRIC) number.

For guidance on how to register their account, MyCukai users can refer to the user manual, MyCukai and TERAS 2.0 Panduan Pendaftaran Akaun.

115.1 MyCukai and TERAS 2.0 Panduan Pendaftaran Akaun
Download PDF • 758KB

In the event that any issues arise, you can get in touch with the MOF TERAS Helpdesk by calling either 03-8882 3762 or 03-8882 3165.

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