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IRBM’s responses on issues on changes in organisation e-filing ("OeF") login via MyTax

Updated: Mar 12

Hello, I'm Mr Chin from CCS and thank you for watching this AI-created video clip.

The Inland Revenue Board of Malaysia has said that starting on January 1, 2023, the Organisation e-Filing ("OeF") and Administrator position will only use individual digital certificates (that is, a director's personal login) for all tax-related matters.

This change lets people use a single sign-on and digital certificate to manage all their income tax records, providing them access to MyTax.

Coming soon, through MyTax, individuals with OeF roles may assign staff. The staff must have an Individual Digital Certificate and select the relevant company or organisation in the MyTax dashboard.

Also, individuals with the role of Employer (a new role) can appoint staff under the relevant employer to submit Form e-E, e-SPC, and access to the employer's ledger.

The Inland Revenue Board reminded taxpayers that they are responsible for the security and privacy of their own digital certificates and should not share the ID and password with other people.