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Income Tax (Deduction from Remuneration) (Amendment) Rules 2023

Updated: Aug 15, 2023

The Ministry of Finance has gazetted the Income Tax (Deduction from Remuneration) (Amendment) Rules 2023 which will come into operation on 1 August 2023.

The key amendments are as follows:

  1. Revision of the monthly tax deduction (MTD) tax tables for remuneration income earned by employees in Malaysia.

  2. The new MTD tax tables incorporate tax bands and rate adjustments to reflect the latest tax structure.

  3. Employers must use the revised MTD tax tables for salaries paid to employees from 1 August 2023 onwards.

  4. The changes in MTD will allow adjustments to individual tax payments during the year based on total remuneration. This is to avoid significant under or over-deductions.

  5. Employees do not need to take any action on the revised MTD tax tables. Employers will apply the new tables during payroll processing.

  6. The prevailing tax bands, rates and reliefs for YA 2023 remain unchanged. The revised MTD tax tables only affect the calculation of monthly tax deductions.

Employers are advised to update their payroll systems and processes to incorporate the new MTD tax tables.

Please get in touch with the Inland Revenue Board of Malaysia at 03-83138888 or the nearest IRBM branch office for any enquiries.


194. Income Tax (Deduction from Remuneration) (Amendment) Rules 2023 [PUA 230]
Download PDF • 448KB


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