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HASiL Media Release – Implementation of e-Invoicing

Updated: Jun 24, 2023

In line with the rapid digital revolution, businesses require a more streamlined approach to information exchange and trade transactions domestically and globally.

To ensure the efficiency of the country's tax administration in line with technological advancements, the government, through the presentation of Budget 2023, has introduced the implementation of e-invoicing as a new mechanism to achieve this goal.

In this regard, a collaborative session was held at the Westin Hotel in Kuala Lumpur involving YBhg. Datuk Dr. Mohd Nizom bin Sairi, Chief Executive Officer of HASiL, along with nearly 220 participants consisting of media practitioners, media influencers, and industry players.

The implementation of e-invoicing will be conducted in stages starting from the end of 2023.

The focus will be on developing the system and piloting projects with selected taxpayers.

Gradually, e-invoicing will be made mandatory for businesses based on their sales threshold, starting from June 2024.

Here are the details of the proposed implementation plan:

This session also aims to provide early exposure to media practitioners, media influencers, and industry players and obtain direct feedback regarding marketing strategies that can be implemented to assist HASiL in disseminating the importance of e-invoices in the context of national taxation matters.

Furthermore, the role played by this group is crucial, and they can act as ambassadors for HASiL in delivering tax information to relevant taxpayers.

YBhg. Datuk Dr. Mohd Nizom Sairi, in his speech, stated that the implementation of e-invoicing not only improves the quality of services offered by the tax administration but also provides numerous benefits to taxpayers.

It enhances operational efficiency, facilitates record storage, and reduces tax compliance costs.

Additionally, implementing e-invoicing can create transparent business transactions and help the government address shadow economy issues in business transactions.

Also present at this engagement session were YBhg. Datuk Dr. Sotimin bin Muhalip, Deputy Chief Executive Officer (Policy), YBrs. Puan Wan Ramiza binti Wan Ghazali, Deputy Chief Executive Officer (Tax Operations), YBrs. Encik Hisham bin Rusli, Deputy Chief Executive Officer (Management), and senior management team members of HASiL.

With the organisation of this engagement session, media practitioners, media influencers, and industry players can play a significant role in understanding the implementation of e-invoicing to taxpayers and ensuring that the system gains solid support and trust from the people.

Any inquiries and feedback related to the matter can be directed to us through:

  1. HASiL Care Line at 03-8911 1000 / 603-8911 1100 (International);

  2. HASiL Live Chat; and

  3. Feedback Form on the official HASiL portal at the following link:

You can download HASiL Media Release by clicking the attachment below:-

154.1 HASiL Media Release
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