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Event Recap: Unlocking Inventory Insights at CCS Learning & Development Program

Updated: Dec 15, 2023

The recent Learning & Development Program at CCS, Sri Petaling, took professionals on a journey deep into the world of inventory observations. The session, titled "Inventory Observations, ISA 501," was conducted by one of CCS's esteemed assurance partners, Edward Thun.

About CCS:

CCS is not just a workplace; it's a convergence where passion meets the profession.

The firm is dedicated to fostering a dynamic working culture emphasising open communication, career coaching, and continuous learning, positioning CCS as one of the premier places to work, learn, and excel.


As a testament to its commitment to excellence, CCS proudly holds esteemed recognitions, including being a CPA Australia Recognised Employer Partner, ACCA Approved Employer, ICAEW Authorised Training Employer, and MICPA Approved Training Employer.

Learning & Development Program Highlights:

The L&D Program centred on the intricacies of inventory observations, delving into ISA 501. Edward Thun, an assurance partner with extensive expertise, led the session, providing valuable insights and practical knowledge.

Key Module Objectives:

Participants gained a comprehensive understanding of various aspects, including:

✅ Requirements of Inventory Observations

✅ Relevant assertions and respective audit approaches

✅ Risk assessment and evaluation

✅ Selection of locations for observation

✅ Determination of the number of test counts

✅ Identification of impairment indicators

✅ Audit procedures for inventory under third-party custody

✅ Handling situations when physical inventory counting is impractical

✅ Documentation of virtual inventory observations

✅ Strategies to overcome common mistakes

Event Conclusion:

The event was a resounding success, equipping professionals with practical tools to enhance their inventory observation skills.

The commitment to excellence at CCS was once again evident in the seamless execution of the Learning & Development Program.

While this specific event has concluded, CCS remains dedicated to providing ongoing opportunities for professional growth and knowledge enhancement. Stay tuned for more enriching programs that empower individuals to thrive in their careers.

At CCS, the journey of learning never stops.

活动回顾: 在 CCS 学习与发展计划中,开启库存洞察力

最近在 CCS Seri Petaling 培训中心举办的学习与发展课程,带领专业人士深入了解库存观察的世界。

此课程的主题是 "存货观察,ISA 501",由 CCS 备受尊敬的保证合作伙伴之一 Edward Thun 主讲。

关于 CCS:

CCS 不仅仅是一个工作场所,更是激情与专业的汇聚。

公司致力于培养充满活力的工作文化,强调开放式沟通、职业指导和持续学习,将 CCS 定位为工作、学习和出类拔萃的首选场所之一。


为了证明其追求卓越的承诺,CCS 荣获了多项荣誉,包括澳大利亚注册会计师协会认可雇主合作伙伴、ACCA 认可雇主、ICAEW 授权培训雇主以及 MICPA 认可培训雇主。


学习与发展计划以盘存观察的复杂性为中心,深入探讨了 ISA 501。

具有丰富专业知识的鉴证合伙人 Edward Thun 主持了这一课程,提供了宝贵的见解和实用知识。














此次活动取得了圆满成功,为专业人士提供了提高库存观察技能的实用工具。CCS 追求卓越的承诺再次体现在学习与发展计划的无缝执行上。

虽然此次活动已经结束,但 CCS 仍将致力于提供持续的专业成长和知识提升机会。敬请期待更多丰富多彩的项目,让个人在职业生涯中茁壮成长。

在 CCS,学习之旅永不停歇。


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