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Empowering Tomorrow's Auditors: CCS Grateful for Partnership with UTAR Accounting Society at ACCA 2.0 Event

We thank the UTAR Accounting Society, Kampar Campus, for organising the "Fun Escape with ACCA 2.0" outdoor event.

It was an absolute honour for CCS to participate in this event as a joint sponsor.

We are equally thrilled to have had the privilege of participating in the ACCA Talk segment of the event, where we shared valuable insights about pursuing a career as a Malaysian auditor.

Mr Chin, the founder of CCS addressed topics such as the path to becoming an auditor and choosing between starting with a Big 4 firm or a SMP after graduation.

We provided essential tips for young university students venturing into the accounting world.

The event saw active participation from more than 40 students and teachers. It was truly inspiring to engage with such a bright and motivated group. The enthusiasm and curiosity displayed by the students are the critical ingredients for a successful future in accounting.

We sincerely thank the UTAR Accounting Society and all the attendees for making this event possible and embracing our message with such enthusiasm. We look forward to continuing our support and involvement in similar initiatives.

Thank you for the wonderful opportunity, and we wish all the students the best in their academic and professional journeys.

Warm regards,


我们衷心感谢UTAR会计协会金宝校区举办 "ACCA 2.0趣味逃生 "户外活动。


我们同样很高兴能有幸参与此次活动的 "ACCA讲座 "环节,与大家分享了关于从事马来西亚审计师职业的宝贵见解。


40 多名师生积极参与了此次活动。能与如此聪明、积极进取的群体接触,确实令人鼓舞。我们相信,学生们所表现出的热情和好奇心是未来在会计领域取得成功的关键因素。

我们衷心感谢UTAR 会计协会和所有与会人员促成了这次活动,感谢他们如此热情地接受我们的信息。我们期待着今后继续支持和参与类似的活动。



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