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Amendment of Section 37 - Eligible Period and Entitlement to Maternity Allowance

Updated: Jun 5, 2022

EA Bill 2021 - Amendment of Section 37 - Eligible Period and Entitlement to Maternity Allowance - PDF

. EA Bill 2021 - Amendment of Section 37 - Length of Eligible Period and Entitlement to

Latest Update: 13-5-2022

1. The Employment (Amendment) Bill 2021 ("the Bill") was presented on October 25, 2021.
2. Dewan Rakyat approved the Employment (Amendment) Bill 2021 on March 21, 2022.
3. Dewan Negara passed the Employment (Amendment) Bill 2021 on March 30, 2022.
4. The Employment (Amendment) Act 2022 was gazetted into law on May 10, 2022.

However, [As of 13-5-2022] the Act has not yet come into force.

[In force means that the Act or the secondary legislation has the force of law.]

1. 《2021年就业(修订)法案》("法案")于2021年10月25日在国会提交。
2. 下议院于2022年3月21日批准了《2021年就业(修订)法案》。
3. 上议院于2022年3月30日也通过了《2021年就业(修订)法案》。
4. 作为立法,2022年5月10日,《2022年就业(修正)法案》在宪报上颁布。

然而请注意,[截至2022年5月13日] 此法尚未生效


Maternity leave: Women's survival vs. family responsibilities
  • ILO Convention No. 183 provides 14 weeks of paid maternity leave.

  • It prevents the exposure of a pregnant woman or nursing mother to work that can be harmful to her health and that of her baby.

产假 - 妇女的生存与家庭责任

  • 国际劳工组织第183号公约规定了14周的带薪产假。

  • 它防止孕妇或哺乳期妇女从事可能对她和她的婴儿的健康有害的工作。

1. Raising a family is a cherished goal for many working people.

2. Yet pregnancy and maternity are an especially vulnerable time for working women and their families.

1. 养家糊口是许多工作人士所珍视的目标。

2. 然而,对于职业妇女及其家庭来说,怀孕和生育是一个特别脆弱的时期。

3. Expectant and nursing mothers require special protection to prevent harm to their or their infants’ health, and they need adequate time to give birth, recover and nurse their children.

4. At the same time, they also require protection to ensure that they do not lose their job simply because of pregnancy or maternity leave.

3. 孕妇和哺乳期妇女需要特别的保护,以防止她们或其婴儿的健康受到伤害,她们需要足够的时间来生产、恢复和哺育其子女。

4. 同时,她们也需要保护,以确保她们不会仅仅因为怀孕或产假而失去工作。

5. Such protection not only ensures the equal access of women to employment, but it also ensures the continuation of often vital income, which is necessary for the well-being of their entire family.

6. Safeguarding the health of expectant and nursing mothers and protecting them against job discrimination is a precondition for achieving genuine equality of opportunity and treatment for men and women at work and enabling workers to raise families in conditions of economic security.

5. 这种保护不仅能确保妇女平等地获得就业,还能确保继续获得往往是至关重要的收入,这对她们整个家庭的幸福是必要的。

6. 保障孕妇和哺乳期妇女的健康并保护她们不受工作歧视,是实现男女在工作中机会和待遇真正平等的前提条件,并使工人能够在经济安全的条件下养育家庭。

7. Some of the most significant amendments suggested to the Employment Act 1955 as a result of the Bill include Amendment of Section 37- Length of Eligible Period and Entitlement to Maternity Allowance 👉 to extend the existing maternity leave and allowance benefit under the Act from 60 days to 98 days

👉 to bring the Employment Act 1955 into line with the requirements of the International Labour Organisation ("ILO"). 8. Facebook Live 👉 [Mandarin]

🌻🌻🌻🌻🌻🌻🌻🌻 7. 2021年劳工(修正)法案对1955年劳工法令提出的一些重要修正,包括第37条的修订 – 符合条件的时间长度和享受产假津贴的权利 👉 将1955年劳工法令规定的现有产假和津贴福利从60天延长到98天 👉 使1955年劳工法令与国际劳工组织 (“ILO“) 的要求相一致。 8. Facebook Live 👉


The Employment (Amendment) Act 2022 which was gazetted on 10 May 2022:

Maternity leave extended from 90 to 98 days

The Bill initially increased maternity leave from 60 days, to 90 days 👇