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Customs Public Ruling No. 1/2022 – Prescribed Forms

Under Section 10F of the Customs Act 1967, Section 5F of the Excise Act 1976, and Section 6A of the Windfall Profit Levy Act 1998, the Director General of the Royal Malaysian Customs Department (RMCD) issued the Public Ruling No. 1/2022, "Prescribed Forms under Customs Act 1967, Excise Act 1976 and Windfall Profit Levy Act 1998" on 30th December 2022 which sets out the forms and procedures under:

  • the Customs Act 1967;

  • the Excise Act 1976; and

  • the Windfall Profit Levy Act 1998.

In the PR 1/2022, the RMCD has provided a summary of the amendments that have been made to the Acts, along with a comprehensive list of amended forms, guides, and manuals for declarations under the Acts in Lampiran A, Lampiran B, and Lampiran C for easy reference.

Before 1 January 2023, the forms used for declaration, such as importation, exportation, claims for drawback, and payment of levies, were prescribed under the principal Acts through subsidiary legislation. These forms were gazetted through the Customs Regulations 2019, Excise Regulations 1977 and Windfall Profit Levy Regulations 1998.

A summary of the amendments made under the relevant legislation and references to the relevant provisions is provided in this Public Ruling:-

5. Public Ruling No
. 1-2022_ Prescribed Forms under Customs Act 1967, Excise Act 1976 and

This Public Ruling may be amended in whole or in part or revoked at any time through issuing a new publication or a revocation notice.

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