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Concept of Contemporaneous Documentation in Transfer Pricing

Updated: Dec 18, 2022

Many countries' legislation regarding transfer pricing uses the concept of contemporaneous documentation as a critical component.

Rule 4(1) of the Income Tax (Transfer Pricing) Rules 2012 stipulates that a person who enters into a controlled transaction shall prepare a contemporaneous transfer pricing documentation. 

The expression "Contemporaneous Transfer Pricing Documentation" refers to transfer price documentation that is established—

  1. when a person plans or executes a controlled transaction; and

  2. where a controlled transaction is examined during a basis period for a year of assessment, and there are material changes, the documentation must be updated prior to the due date for filing a return for that basis period for that year of assessment [1].



所谓 "同期转让定价文件 "是指在以下情况下建立的转让定价文件:

  1. 当一个人计划或执行一项受控交易时;以及

  2. 如果在某一评估年度的基础期间对受控交易进行审查时发现有重大变化,那么就必须在该评估年度的基础期间的申报截止日期之前作出更新(1)

When there is a related party transaction in Malaysia, the regulations state that even though contemporaneous transfer pricing documents are not required to be filed, the taxpayer must declare, when filing their income tax return, whether or not contemporaneous transfer pricing documents have been prepared.


The term "contemporaneous documentation" refers to any information, records, or other documents that already exist or are made when the Taxpayer is establishing or implementing any arrangement that has the potential to bring up transfer pricing concerns. 

It is crucial that the documentation on which the taxpayer relies to determine the arm's length price should be available when the transaction is entered into between the parties or at the latest when the analysis is carried out and not produced after establishing the price. 

术语 "同期文件"是指纳税人在建立或实施任何有可能带来转让定价问题的安排时,已经存在或制作的任何信息、记录或其他文件。 


[1] - Illustration:

In the financial year 2021, Super VIP Holdings will lend RM5 million to its subsidiary, VIP Enterprises.

Both companies are considered to have their tax residency in Malaysia.

Benchmarking Analysis and transfer pricing documentation are prepared to determine the terms and conditions of the loan transaction, including the determination of interest rates independently of each other, i.e. based on the principle of arm’s length.

The loan transaction is concluded in accordance with the transfer pricing documentation, and its execution will be included in the financial statements of both companies for the financial year 2021.

The entities are expected to file their corporation tax returns for the Year of Assessment 2021 in 2022.

In preparing their tax returns, the entities mentioned above need to go through the terms and conditions of the loans to see if they still meet the requirements of the arm's length principle.

(1) - 说明

在2021财年,超级 VIP 控股公司将借贷500万马币给其子公司 VIP 企业。


基准定位分析 (Benchmarking Analysis) 和转让定价文件的准备是为了确定这项贷款交易的条款和条件,这也包括利率的确定彼此独立,也就是说建立在独立交易原则上。




In practice, preparing and updating Contemporaneous Transfer Pricing Documentation is not an easy task, and issues beyond the taxpayer's control often arise.

There is a possibility that the relevant information and data about comparable uncontrolled transactions will not be available in the public domain until the particular date that has been established by law.