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Staff Handbook - Communications, Email, Internet and Social Media Policy

Updated: Dec 18, 2022

This policy on Communications, Email, Internet and Social Media defines what the company considers to be an acceptable use of its communications facilities, with particular attention paid to the use of email, telephone, internet, and social media.

This policy also addresses what the company considers to be an acceptable use of its communications facilities.

Within the framework of the policy is the provision for a choice between completely prohibiting personal use of company email and internet capabilities or permitting restricted and responsible use within the parameters of the policy.

According to the policy, employees are strongly encouraged to use the firm's communications facilities, such as email and the internet, as a quick and dependable mode of contact that offers considerable benefits for the organisation.

However, the policy also cautions employees of the dangers that the misuse of communications might bring, exposing both the employees and the organisation to potential legal and commercial consequences as well as criminal offences. Specifically, the policy states that:

The alluring pull of making one more post, one more share, or one more like on social media can cause employees to lose hours of work time, which can be a significant drain on the resources available in the company.

On the other hand, social media can also be an effective marketing tool, and it is gradually becoming a normal component of the marketing mix for many different kinds of companies.

The detailed social media provisions that are included in this policy accommodate both positions and can be used to either allow limited personal use of social media at work or to completely ban it.

In addition to addressing work use of social media by providing detailed rules applicable to employees' representation of their employers on social networking sites, these provisions also address the issue of personal use of social media at work.









  • 社交媒体包括在互联网及和所有社会计算形式上传播或发布任何类型信息或内容的一切方式。

  • 社交媒体平台有多种不同形式,包括但不限于您或他人的博客或微博(如 Twitter, Tumblr)、内容社区(如 YouTube)、 社交及专业人士交际网站(如 Facebook, LinkedIn)、 论坛和讨论板(如 Whirlpool, Google Groups)、 在线百科全书(如 Wikipedia) 以及虚拟游戏和社交世界(如,“魔兽世界”、“第二人生”)。