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CCS Receives ASEAN Excellence Award: Shining Journey Witnesses Dreams Come True

Updated: Dec 28, 2023

Introducing CCS - Chartered Accountants, a trailblazer since 2004, is dedicated to delivering excellence in accounting, auditing, taxation, transfer pricing, and comprehensive business and human resources consulting services.

Nearly two decades have unfolded since our humble beginnings as a one-person enterprise, evolving steadily into the robust team of approximately 60 professionals we are today.

Our journey is a testament to resilience and growth, with a focus on providing diverse and impactful financial solutions for our clients.

Gratitude fills our hearts as we reflect on the recognition bestowed upon us by the renowned Malaysian concert organiser, Star Planet.

CCS proudly received the ASEAN Master Class Award from the ASEAN Retail-Chains and Franchise Federation, specifically acknowledging our position as a Leading Brand in Audit and Tax Consultancy Excellence.

The honour was heightened as we shared the stage with esteemed figures, including the celebrated Hong Kong actor, Mr. Simon Yam, and leaders from successful enterprises such as Cuckoo, Kinohimitsu, Star Planet, Sovotel, Haidilao, Gintell, Affin Bank, AeU University, 又一村, Sg Wang Plaza, and Ticket2U.

For CCS, this recognition is not just an accolade but a privilege.

We continue to be committed to providing the most professional and reliable services, becoming the bedrock for business dreams.

With sincere thanks for your unwavering support on this journey, we eagerly anticipate a future where we can join hands to create even more brilliant tomorrows.

CCS goes beyond the numbers.

CCS 荣获ASEAN卓越奖:璀璨历程见证梦想成真

CCS - 注册会计师,2004年初露锋芒,独自创业。如今,距离那个初创时的1人公司已有近20年。这段漫长的历程见证了CCS从微小到璀璨的蜕变,如今拥有一个近60人的庞大团队。



感恩之情沐浴在荣誉中。得到了马来西亚知名演唱会主办方Star Planet的推崇,更是荣获ASEAN Retail-Chains and Franchise Federation颁发的ASEAN Master Class Award - 领先品牌审计与税务咨询卓越奖项。

此时,我们有幸与香港巨星任达华、Cuckoo、Kinohimitsu、Star Planet、Sovotel、海底捞、Gintell、Affin Bank、AeU大学、又一村、Sg Wang Plaza、Ticket2U等成功企业领导人共同领奖,真是荣耀非常。



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