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CS Low

Corporate Advisor | Manager

Low Cheng Sheng, often referred to as CS, is a dynamic and accomplished professional driven by a sincere dedication to the role of Corporate Advisor, where he serves a diverse clientele of SMEs across various industries. With a robust educational foundation and a wide range of interests, CS embodies a well-rounded individual, proficient in communication and adept at problem-solving.

CS's journey began with his graduation from Tunku Abdul Rahman College University, where he earned a degree in Corporate Administration. Furthermore, he is an associate member of the Malaysian Institute of Chartered Secretaries and Administrators (MAICSA). His unwavering commitment to continuous learning and professional advancement distinguishes him as a forward-thinking and skilful figure in his field. His educational background equips him with the requisite expertise in corporate secretarial matters and corporate governance.


Throughout his career, CS has lent his expertise to esteemed management firms such as Mega Corporate Services, Accpro Corporate Services, and Advisirs Plus. He places significant emphasis on developing interpersonal skills, recognising their pivotal role in establishing and nurturing client relationships. CS firmly believes that open and effective communication forms the cornerstone of successful collaborations, enabling teams to function seamlessly and achieve their collective objectives. His adeptness in coordinating and resolving complex challenges positions him as a reliable problem-solver, ready to tackle any situation.

CS's engaging and approachable demeanour fosters meaningful connections with others effortlessly. His inherent sense of responsibility and accountability ensures his commitments and obligations are meticulously fulfilled. Coupled with his well-honed rationality, he consistently contributes a balanced perspective to discussions and decision-making processes, facilitating practical solutions.


In summary, CS emerges as a consummate professional in corporate advisory services, underpinned by a rich educational background, unwavering commitment to professional growth, and a profound understanding of the importance of interpersonal skills and effective communication in achieving success. His warm and engaging personality, coupled with his innate sense of responsibility, renders him an invaluable asset in any collaborative endeavour, where his rationality and problem-solving prowess further solidify his role as a dependable and capable professional.

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